New Markets

This is the Supply Change.™

The opportunity:

In a perfect world, products would come to you from around the globe on your terms. They would arrive more efficiently. More sustainably. They would flow seamlessly into your supply chain.

But that’s rarely the way things happen in the real world. Products arrive from overseas on non-standard platforms, such as pallets or containers, or on other platforms, such as slip-sheets, which adds waste, cost and reduces your efficiency. Transferring international loads into your network can increase manual labour, add cost and delay store deliveries. As you source product from new overseas markets, your challenges multiply. How do you find the right partners? What are the best practices in each region of the world?

As the leading supplier of platforms globally, we can help you find more sustainable solutions that seek to optimise your international sourcing and receiving processes. Solutions that can reduce handling, manual labour and costs. Solutions that move product through your supply chain more efficiently, from around the world all the way to your store shelves. Solutions that better protect your products in transit.

Products from anywhere in the world, as though they came from right next door.

Our International Solutions typically reduce:

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What we do

We facilitate cross-border trade among thousands of our customers in more than 60 countries.

We can customise solutions to help you use more sustainable platforms and drive down costs over the long term. We’ll work with you and your supply chain partners to palletise your product loads overseas, optimise container configurations and reduce handling costs. Because we supply platforms to companies that export product all over the world, we can also repurpose pallets received from outside the country. 

If you are not currently receiving product on platforms that are compatible with your domestic systems, we’ll work with your suppliers to change that. With the right platforms, we can help your suppliers build better container loads as well. 

Our sustainable international platform solutions include standard pallets, reusable plastic containers and cubic containers. Our specialised Intercontinental Pallets also help retailers get product from overseas markets to domestic distribution centres with less waste and improved efficiency. 

We’ll help as you look to optimise your supply chain in new markets as well. We’ll connect you with the right partners and help you implement efficient and sustainable solutions.


We add efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance sustainability for companies involved in cross-border trade. With our scale and experience, we can resolve the issues around receiving incompatible platforms from overseas. We’ve helped many of the world’s leading supply chains in more than 60 countries. We look forward to working with you.

How we'll work together

We’ll work with you and your international trading partners to help as you seek to optimise your incoming international flows. 

We’ll collaborate with you to create a Value Stream Map of your supply chain, including your international flows. If you’re entering a new market, we’ll help you gather intelligence and identify potential resources there.

We’ll pinpoint areas where our expertise and global scale can add value in your international supply chain processes. 

We’ll work with your upstream trading partners to put in place solutions that make your international receiving more efficient and sustainable.

How you'll benefit

CHEP’s International Solutions help you realise:

+ Improved supply chain efficiency and flow-through

+ Minimised product damage through container load optimisation

+ Reduced costs through optimised product loads and container loads

+ Reduced manual handling through overseas palletisation of product loads

+ Reduced handling costs throughout the supply chain

+ Improved speed to shelf

+ Reduced waste to landfill

Global Good: We can help you meet local packaging and waste legislative requirements and obligations by providing you with sustainable platforms that reduce waste from materials used in international transport. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we strive to minimise the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

With more than 13,000 employees in more than 60 countries, we can reduce the cost and complexity of exporting goods.