Platform Solutions

This is the Supply Change.™

The opportunity

More speed. Less damage.

More efficiency. Less labour.

Greater saleable yield. Less waste.

More impact in-store. Less impact on the environment.

When you work with CHEP, you’ll find we have what it takes to make that happen for your supply chain and your business.

You’ll have the sustainable platforms, the quality, the supply network and access to our broad array of solutions as well as our pragmatic, global experience.

Everything you need to get more from your product loads.

To move them. Store them. Handle them. Profit from them. Throughout your network, from the farm to your customer.

Everything you need for a better supply chain. One in which you make more money on every product load. One in which you better serve the world.

A more efficient, profitable and sustainable product load.

Together, we can make it happen.

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What we do

Since we were founded more than 60 years ago, we’ve helped more companies move more goods, to more places, more efficiently and more sustainably than anyone else in the world.

We do it by enabling supply chains to share and reuse our platforms.

When our customers share and reuse platforms with others, the use of higher quality platforms becomes financially feasible. Higher quality platforms reduce product damage, increase product quality, carry more product per load, improve automated systems and improve safety performance.

By sharing and reusing the same standardised platforms, all parties within the supply chain are enabled to standardise their operations, processes and equipment. This standardisation and unitisation provides an
infrastructure that can enable your current and future supply chains, whilst enabling you to diversify, differentiate and innovate over the top of this infrastructure.

Sharing and reusing platforms also enables our customers to reduce the number of platforms they need to procure, manage and maintain. Less capital is expended. Less resources are consumed.

When you outsource your platform operation to us, no longer will you need to invest your capital to own your own pallets and containers—or your energy and human resources to procure, transport, administer, repair and maintain your proprietary platforms.

Outsourcing your pallet and container operations also eliminates your platform risks, by minimising your exposure to market supply and price fluctuation and ensuring consistency of supply and quality.

Sharing and reusing CHEP platforms eliminates waste throughout supply chains and the world

The industry’s broadest array and greatest supply of sustainable platforms

Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs)

RPCs are a better platform for protecting and transporting fresh food than cardboard. Their stronger construction, superior ventilation and smooth interior optimises product quality and freshness from harvest to consumption. We have RPCs specifically designed for bananas, protein, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. They are all interoperable, increase effi ciency and reduce cardboard waste to landfills, which decreases your impact on the environment. RPCs provide the fresh food supply chain the following benefits:

+ 25-50% faster product cooling

+ Better temperature and humidity control

+ Improved load stability

+ Reduced product handling distribution centre to shelf

+ 93% fewer cases damaged


Our plastic foldable bins and shuttle bins protect a wide range of perishable goods—including fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry—and durable goods from the grower/distributor to retail display. They are a durable,
environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard. Sharing and reusing bins eliminates excess inventory due to produce seasonality and off peak demand periods.

Standard Pallets

With more than 23 points of presence across New Zealand and millions of wooden pallets in our network, we have the consistent quality and supply to get your goods to market at a lower cost to your business. CHEP developed and continues to drive pallet standards that connect parties across the supply chain to maximise efficiency and safety. We are strongly positioned to supply your needs, ensure your operations keep moving, and get your goods to the right place at the right time in the right condition.

Display Pallets 

Display pallets also help reduce handling costs and are designed to increase sales through improved store merchandising and replenishment. They form the base for other display solutions throughout the store, and are compatible with our RPCs and other containers. Display pallets are constructed from lightweight, impact-resistant polypropylene, and are easily moved by trolley jacks into store aisles and promotional displays, creating instant merchandising and replenishment opportunities.

Merchandising Pallets

Merchandising pallets, which include half display pallets and quarter pallets, help reduce handling costs and are designed to increase sales through improved store merchandising and replenishment. They enable more efficient distribution of smaller loads to small store formats, and can be useful for off-location placement in larger stores. In addition, greater stock density acts to improve sales through better on-shelf availability.

Plastic Pallets

Our plastic pallets are easy to clean and are designed to maintain their integrity, providing added security for transporting products at risk of contamination. They are lightweight, durable, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

How we'll work together

As a company at the heart of more supply chains, we understand what makes them work. We know how to find efficiencies. We know how to eliminate waste. We know how to overcome obstacles and make things work.

We’ve taken this knowledge and created a suite of supply chain solutions to help you integrate best practices from around the world. We will partner with you in whatever capacity your business requires. For most customers, it usually works like this:

First, we’ll map your entire supply chain to identify the best type and mix of platforms to complement your unique business requirements.

Then, we’ll work with you to implement platform management procedures and processes that increase efficiencies throughout your operations.

While we’re putting these platform fundamentals in place, we’ll discuss your supply chain goals, priorities, issues and opportunities to determine which of our supply chain solutions will bring you the greatest value.

How you'll benefit

The following will give you a good idea of the many ways our solutions can help improve your supply chain:

+ Reduce your supply chain’s impact on the environment

+ Increase saleable yield

+ Increase the amount of product you ship per product load and per truckload

+ Reduce product damage and cost of goods sold

+ Map and improve the flow of your goods, platforms and data throughout the supply chain

+ Enhance your platform inventory management processes

+ Improve your product handling procedures at your farms and within your processing and storage facilities

+ Increase the uptime of your automated and manual handling systems

+ Eliminate empty lanes and trips within your transportation network

+ Improve safety performance

+ Increase your returns on capital invested


CHEP is the global leader in shared platform solutions. Our engineers and experts have been at the heart of thousands of supply chains—collaborating with customers to streamline operations. Our unmatched portfolio of supply chain solutions can help you in your efforts to optimise every aspect of your operation. We look forward to collaborating with you to help you get more out every product load.

Source: Brambles 2015 Sustainability Review

Global Good: For more than 60 years, CHEP has been a global leader in the sharing and reuse of resources to eliminate waste. Today in everything we do, we’re focused on helping our customers develop and improve more efficient, safer and environmentally sustainable supply chains. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimise the impact of the Supply Chain on the environment.