This is the Supply Change.™

Greater sales for you and your retail partners. This is the Supply Change.


The opportunity

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting more of your products into the hands of more consumers.

Getting more productivity out of your promotional displays. Improving your off-shelf product placement. Eliminating out of stocks. Increasing impact at the point of purchase. Improving shopability for consumers. Getting more sales from every store.

More sales for you, and for your retail partners.

It requires a collaborative effort. You supply the products consumers want, and your retail partners execute from the distribution centre to the point of purchase.

Our sustainable, consumer-facing platforms make it easier and more profitable for retailers to merchandise and replenish your products on and off-shelf. You'll be meeting their needs as well as yours.

You’ll have more of your products in the right place at the right time. Your retailers will thank you for reducing their costs.

Your consumers will thank you for improving their shopping experience. You'll thank them both for increasing your sales.

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What we do

Our store solutions better satisfy the needs of your retail partners and consumers. At their core, they streamline merchandising and replenishment to make your end-to-end supply chain more efficient, while simultaneously improving the shopping experience for the consumer.

We’ll help you identify platforms that can improve sales in high volume and velocity categories.

We’ll help you build consumer satisfaction and loyalty with store solutions that improve your brand presence and reduce out-of-stocks.

We’ll find new ways to eliminate cardboard so you reduce the waste you send to landfills. We’ll collaborate with you and your retail partners to design solutions that increase sales volumes, improve shelf conditions and improve returns on capital invested.

With nearly 100 points of presence throughout Australia and New Zealand and millions of display units in our network, we’re able to meet the store solutions needs of you and your retail partners.

Efficient, high-impact consumer-facing platforms create value throughout your supply chain.

How we'll work together

We have collaborated with retailers and suppliers to implement a variety of store fulfilment systems. Here's the process we've learned works best:


Efficient and sustainable customer-facing platforms:

How you'll benefit

Our Store Solutions facilitate store fulfilment, product replenishment and drive sales throughout the store. We can help you and your retail partners:

+ Expand merchandising and promotional opportunities

+ Reduce out-of-stocks to drive sales and boost customer loyalty

+ Increase impulse sales

+ Improve the shopper experience

+ Increase brand presence

+ Increase stock weight per square metre

+ Reduce waste through less use of cardboard

+ Facilitate retail order picking

+ Reduce retailer replenishment costs

+ Reduce risk of product loss and damage

+ Improve safety performance with more stable platforms


CHEP’s global expertise and local network density provide both the know-how and platform supply to help you increase your promotional opportunities, improve your brand presence and drive sales.

Real-world gains from Store Solutions.

Beverage trays helped a major retailer reduce shelf replenishment acts by 99.6% and eliminate the cardboard used for those products.

Fractional pallets helped a discount retailer reduce labour costs and accelerate replenishment.