Platform Mix Optimisation

This is the Supply Change.™

The right platform for the job, no matter what the job.

The opportunity

The right tool for each and every job makes a big difference in how well the job gets done.

The right platform—whether it’s a pallet, crate or other container—means efficiency. It means costs savings. It means fewer out-of-stocks, and reduced damages. It means your entire supply chain functions better.

CHEP’s Platform Mix Optimisation solution helps you identify and use the right platforms throughout your supply chain. The right platforms for the raw materials you’re receiving. The right platforms for the products you’re manufacturing. The right platforms for the types of equipment you’re running. And the right platforms for all the destinations you ship to.

When you’re using the optimal mix of platforms, you lower your total operating costs and improve the returns on your capital invested. You improve how your equipment works, the quality of the goods you supply to your customers, the flow of goods throughout your system, and your on-shelf availability. You reduce your use of corrugated cardboard, thereby improving your environmental sustainability. 


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What we do

Finding the right mix of platforms is one of the greatest, most immediate ways to save costs within your supply chain. Because we offer the widest range of platforms— pooled timber and plastic pallets, display units, international pallets, containers, bins, beverage trays and reusable plastic containers—we can zero in on finding the right platforms for your supply chain at the greatest possible savings. 

We’ll help you find the appropriate platform, by analysing your:

+ Products and packaging

+ Purchasing and warehouse processes

+ Receiving and handling practices

+ Inventory management

+ Facilities, storage points and freight assets

+ Transportation and distribution model

+ Distribution channels and destination points

Based on our analysis, we’ll then help define the most efficient platform for your supply chain. Without any platform bias, we recommend what’s best for you, whatever those platforms may be.

Total Platform Cost

We look at every cost factor to find the most efficient platforms for you.

Total Platform Cost

How we’ll work together

Proven process

How you'll benefit

 The right mix of platforms yields the following gains:

+ Reduced labour, material handling and transportation costs

+ Reduced environmental footprint and packaging usage

+ Improved flow of goods

+ Lower platform costs, higher operating margins and improved return on capital invested

+ Reduced product damage and waste

+ Improved safety through reduced handling

+ Improved quality of goods delivered to your customers


We’ve worked with many of the world’s leading supply chains, so we’ve developed solutions that leverage best practices around when, where and how to apply the optimal platform. And because we offer more platform solutions, we can recommend the right ones for you without bias. We look forward to working with you to help you optimise your platform mix.

Global Good: A more efficient supply chain is a more sustainable supply chain. Platform Mix Optimisation reduces product damage and cardboard usage to support your sustainability efforts. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to reduce the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

Through Platform Mix Optimisation, we helped:

A food manufacturer increased throughput by 25%.

A large consumer goods company save over $1 million.

We have the platforms to meet your needs, no matter what they are.