Platform Delivery and Collection

This is the Supply Change.™

Your logistics optimised with ours.

The opportunity

What if you could make your supply chain more proactive?

What if it anticipated your needs, and met them in ways that allowed you to devote your time and energies elsewhere? And what if you could leverage logistics data in ways that improved your efficiency, optimised your lanes and reduced your costs? In ways that better conserved resources and minimised the impact of the supply chain on the environment?

That’s the idea behind CHEP’s Transportation Solutions.

Our Platform Delivery and Collection solutions, as well as our Collaborative Logistics solutions, are designed to leverage synergies between your opportunities and our extensive resources. We function like a part of your business, helping as you seek to optimise your own resources and meet your own transport needs.

Deliveries and collection of platforms become more efficient and cost-effective. Filling your empty lanes adds further efficiencies and helps make better use of trucks already on the road.

Our logistics resources can help you optimise yours.

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What we do

Service is at the heart of our Transportation Solutions.

Our extensive network of customers, facilities and lanes, combined with the real-time data analysis of our Logistics Control Centre, allows us to transport platforms efficiently and sustainably. In some instances, we can also help you as you seek to optimise lanes by offering opportunities to transport our platforms using your trucks and those of your carriers.

Platform Delivery and Collection
CHEP has trucks on the road already that were specifically designed for collecting and delivering large quantities of platforms, so you don’t have to invest your resources to pick up and carry empty platforms. Coordinated by our Logistics Control Centre, our trucks follow carefully designed routes that service multiple customers to optimise the use of fuel and capacity and minimise costs. Often our drivers can unload their trucks themselves, which reduces demands on your labour.

We’ll also keep you updated on the expected arrival times of our trucks, which helps you facilitate planning.

If you want to connect to our systems via EDI, we can anticipate when you’ll need platforms and schedule a delivery at your convenience. Otherwise, you can use our myCHEP customer portal to place your orders.

Collaborative Logistics
Where there are synergies that make sense, we can turn your empty lanes into closed loops by matching your lanes with ours. Your underutilised trucks can help us balance our asset pools. Together, we could potentially eliminate costs and CO2 emissions through more efficient use of our networks.

Due to the size and scale of our business, we have the logistics expertise, data, collaborative partnerships, trucks, lanes, facilities and destination points to potentially lower your transportation costs.

We analyse rich data in real time to proactively optimise the collection and delivery of platforms.

Rich Data Analysis

How we'll work together

We’ll collaborate with you to design the best solution for your facilities and transportation resources.

Design the best solution

How you'll benefit

Our Transportation Solutions streamline your platform returns and improve your operations through:

+ Reduced transport costs for platform deliveries

+ Reduced labour costs—our drivers unload the trucks themselves

+ Extensive delivery and collection solutions

+ Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

+ Compliance with Chain of Responsibility safety guidelines

+ Maximised flexibility of your own fleet

+ Streamlined administration of platform delivery and collection

+ Real-time notifications of truck and driver status

Global Good: In 2015 we eliminated 205,221 kms of travel from the roads and 228 tonnes of CO2 from the environment in Australia and New Zealand. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimise the impact of the supply chain on the environment.


Only CHEP can give you access to our vast network of locations and lanes, optimised by our Logistics Control Centre. We have leveraged synergies with manufacturers around the country to help as they seek to optimise their transportation logistics and fulfil their commitments to sustainability. We look forward to working with you.

Real-world savings from Transportation Solutions.

We collaborated with a major manufacturer to create a closed transportation loop and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 680 tonnes per year.

We helped a major manufacturer reduce its platform delivery costs by 67% through Collaborative Logistics.