Load Containment

This is the Supply Change.™

Containing the costs of containing loads.

The opportunity

Load containment is needed to protect your workforce and the goods being transported to your customers. Getting this right allows you to concentrate your people and capital on other activities that make your company money, things like having the right products in the right place at the right time.

Controlling costs is always a priority, as is improving and protecting goods in the supply chain. That’s why the right load containment system, with the right financial model, is such an important decision for your company. A high-quality load containment system can reduce the total cost of every product load you wrap. The wrong system can tie up your capital and your people, increase your stretch wrap costs, lead to excess product damage, cause equipment downtime, increase health and safety risks, and lower productivity.

By using a load containment solution that wraps each product in the most effective and efficient way, you can reduce damage and improve safety performance in your business.

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What we do

We reduce your worries and administrative costs out of your product load containment operations by providing a comprehensive solution that includes everything from equipment selection and installation to maintenance and the stretch wrap itself.

We’ll find ways to both strengthen each product load and reduce the amount of wrap used. Our approach is to help you plan and implement the best possible solution to eliminate any issues along the way. That’s why, unlike others in the field, we give you the choice of ten state-of-the-art wrap machines. We also offer procurement options on the equipment, no-headache maintenance arrangements and wrap supply programs that lower your total load containment cost.

Our Load Containment solutions are based on the latest product handling processes and Occupational Health, Safety and Environment best practices. They are designed to specifically address your product damage issues, optimise each product load in transit and improve safety performance.

This entire effort will help you achieve the most efficient end-to-end load containment process, one that limits waste and capital outlays, reduces the risk of reworking loads that can cause product damage and lets you pay more attention to those efforts that truly grow your business.

Global Good: Our Load Containment solutions deliver state-of-the-art equipment and best practices that can dramatically reduce product damage, food waste and stretch wrap waste. It’s all part of our Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimise the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

Together we’ll design the optimal solution to lower the costs of load containment.

How we'll work together

We have a comprehensive methodology to deploy the optimal load containment solution for your business. We’ll help you select the best equipment and a wrap fulfi lment and maintenance schedule that keeps your production lines moving.

Four easy steps


We have been providing Load Containment solutions for more than 20 years. We are Lantech’s distributor of choice in Australia and New Zealand, with a broad of range of state-of-the-art Lantech wrapping machines, and we were early distributors of Cast Stretchwrap.

How you'll benefit

We’ll empower you to choose the Load Containment solutions that best suit your needs. We provide:

+ Ten types of machines and more than 25 types of wrap

+ Subject matter experts who understand your business

+ Cost-effective wrap purchasing options

+ Options that require no capital outlay 

A leading cleaning supply manufacturer reduced stretch wrap by more than 60%.

We offer ten state-of-the-art machines to help you contain the cost of load containment.

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers 
Q-300, Q-300XT, Q-300XT Plus

All three semi-automatic stretch wrappers will save you hours of forklift and operator time every day. 

+ No stopping and waiting for loads to be wrapped 

+ Film is automatically attached and cut, freeing operators for
   other tasks 

+ Wraps up to 40 loads per hour 

+ Customers see improvements in overall productivity

Automatic conveyorised stretch wrappers Q-1000/S, Q-2500, Q-3500, S-1500, SL-3500, SL-4000, SL-4500

All seven automatic conveyorised stretch wrappers can operate as a freestanding unit or be integrated into a high-volume operation. 

+ Dramatic improvement in production flow

+ Forklift feeds are eliminated, and operator involvement is
   not required

+ Wraps up to 360 loads per hour

+ More than 5,000 placements worldwide