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Intercontinental Pallets

Standard Pallets
With more than 23 points of presence across New Zealand and millions of wooden pallets in our network, we have the consistent quality and supply to help you receive and merchandise products at a lower cost to your business. CHEP developed and continues to drive pallet standards that connect parties across the supply chain to maximise efficiency and safety. We are strongly positioned to supply your needs, ensure your operations keep moving, and get your goods to the right place at the right time in the right condition.

Plastic Pallets
Our plastic pallets are easy to clean and are designed to maintain their integrity, providing added security for transporting products at risk of contamination. They are lightweight, durable, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

Merchandising Pallets
Merchandising pallets, which include half display pallets and quarter pallets, help reduce handling costs and are designed to increase sales through improved store merchandising and replenishment. They form the base for other display solutions throughout the store, and are compatible with our reusable plastic containers (RPCs) and beverage trays. They also enable more efficient distribution of smaller loads to small store formats, and can be useful for off-location and end-of-aisle promotions. Display pallets are constructed from lightweight, impact-resistant polypropylene, and are easily moved by trolley jacks into store aisles and promotional displays, creating instant merchandising and replenishment opportunities.

Intercontinental Pallets
With global supply chain efficiency at the core of its design, our intercontinental pallets unlock value within your international shipping lanes. Seamlessly integrating into destination country racking and materials handling systems, our pallets eliminate the handling costs associated with manually loading shipping containers. Such improved container loading time enables better operational flowthrough and distribution centre utilisation. Both lightweight and durable in design, our intercontinental pallets are not only easy to handle, but also comfortably withstand the pressures of your international supply chain.

Product Finder Results

  • Wooden Pallet - Australian StandardWooden Pallet - Australian Standard
    Features & Benefits
    • Universal acceptance across Australian industry
    • Repair and maintenance via CHEP’s service centre network
    • Pallet relocation managed by CHEP
    • Hardwood three bearer construction
    • Efficiency of unit load movements within and between customers
    • Compatibility with existing supply chain infrastructure – warehouses, racking, trucks, fork lifts, etc.
    • Consistency of repair and high product quality
    • Assurance of pallet availability to meet customer demand
    • Pallet durability and strength that ensures reliability of performance
  • Wooden Pallet - 1200 x 1000 mmWooden Pallet - 1200 x 1000 mm
    Features & Benefits
    • Reduce product damage and increase load stability through robust construction
    • Increase operational productivity through consistent specification – pallet is suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities
    • Enhance efficiencies during storage and transport with consistent 4-way entry design ensuring compatibility with all standard equipment
    • Reduce health & safety risks to the workforce – quality materials ensure pallets can be handled safely
  • Pooled Wood Block Pallet - North American Standard (48 x 40 inches)Timber Block Pallet - North American Standard (48 x 40 inches)
    Features & Benefits

    Innovative Design

    • True 4-way entry ensures compatibility with all standard pallet jacks and forklifts
    • Provides greater efficiency in pallet loading and unloading
    • Free Span racking in either direction

    Consistent Specification

    • Suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities, increasing operational efficiency

    Consistent Availability

    • Ensures no delay in production at times of seasonal or unexpected demand

    Robust Construction - Full Perimeter Base

    • Provides strength for safe handling of heavy loads
    • Evenly distributes load to reduce product damage
    • Provides stability in block stacking
    • Design eliminates notched stringers

    Environmentally Sound

    • Made from 100% reuseable or recycled materials
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